Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random pics with a promise to blog again!

Went to my blog photo archive and snagged a few pics to blog about....something to do I guess?  Each one has a little something for me to here we go.  The above pic symbolizes one the greatest things to happen to me in my cycling career.  Having sold my Epic with the intent of getting something new, then having to use that money for truck repairs and having the reality being....not likely to be able to afford a mtb bike for a while.....the most amazing team on the planet got together and surprised me like never before with an incredible bike.  I still have moments where I am totally blown away by that gesture....I will never forget that....ever!  Still sort of stunned but I know it is still inmy basement so it must be real :)
Thanks Flyers.

The trainer.....yuk!  Hate this beast but if the weather continues to NOT cooperate it looks like it may be time to get it out of the shop and set it up....again....YUK!!!

This pic.....incentive.  I want this again and want to get back to being a fast guy, and it will happen.  This motherload is from the Subaru Cup, 3 golds and a silver on the weekend back in 2008....want!

My all-time favorite photo from racing, taken by the one and only Mr. Hirsch at the Platteville Time Trial back in 2008.  Love the course, love the bike, love picture...awesome.

Sort of a theme going on I guess, I want to get back to my routine of training in the mornings and eating right, I want to be fast again and have fun racing the bike.  I can and I will.  I have the right bike, the best team, and the motivation to make it all happen.


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